Shared parental leave will help ensure that care choices reflect family circumstances

Gordon Liberal Democrat MP Sir Malcolm Bruce has welcomed the Malcolm BruceMalcolm Brucepublication of a new UK government bill that will see parents in Scotland benefit from a new system of shared parental leave.

The Children and Families Bill includes measures that will enable parents to share 52 weeks of parental leave between them after a child is born.

Commenting, Sir Malcolm said:

"We all know that every family is different. When we are talking parental leave it is clear that one size does not fit all but that is something that is not reflected in the existing system.

"The Liberal Democrats are working to deliver a fairer society and it is only fair that parents are allowed to make the key choices on their children’s care.

"The changes to the rules announced today will give parents the flexibility to take decisions on childcare that reflect their own particular circumstances."