Health Secretary should stop and take stock of chaos in NHS

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Jim Hume MSP has urged Jim HumeJim Humethe Health Secretary to stop and take stock of the chaos building in the NHS. This comes as the Health Secretary announced an additional £1 million is to be directed towards increasing the number of consultants in A&E units over the next year. Mr Hume has warned that the Health Secretary is increasingly taking a short term approach towards a long term problem.

Commenting on the Health Secretary’s announcement, Mr Hume said:

“It looks as if the Health Secretary is in meltdown over this, making crucial announcements on healthcare without telling the parliament first. The Health Secretary should stop and take stock of the chaos building in our A&E units. Only twenty four hours after denying there were wide-scale problems with beds in our A&E units he has completely reversed his position and announced a £1 million fund for the next year to be spent on additional consultants.

“This is a short term approach to a long term problem. Once that funding is finished we could go right back to square one, with more patients being left to languish on trolleys for hours in cold hospital corridors. Contrary to what Mr Neil believes this is not an isolated problem.

“This shameful scandal is due to a lack of beds, an ageing population and a lack of integration between health and social care in our communities. Up and down the country, A&E units are under enormous pressure. Doctors, nurses and patients deserve better from the Health Minister."