Power struggle risks damaging community policing

Commenting as senior police officers warn that clarity is needed over whether the chief constable or the police authority is in charge of the single police force, Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Alison McInnes MSP said:

“Already the SNP’s single police plans are unravelling and risk turning into chaos once in practise. This is a result of their hurried approach to legislation, where bills are given the nod by an SNP majority without being subject to proper scrutiny.

“The operational launch of the single force is only months away. Any friction between the Police Authority and the Police Force must be resolved quickly. For this to happen, MSPs must have the opportunity to scrutinize the new single police force arrangements so they can ensure the new force’s operational independence is not compromised.

“These plans are one of the biggest shake ups to have happened to policing in Scotland. Scottish Liberal Democrats remain concerned that a power struggle between Ministers, the Police Authority and the Police Service will severely damage the strong relationships achieved by local community policing throughout the years.”