SLD conference reaffirms green credentials

At the Scottish Liberal Democrat Conference members reaffirmed their party’s commitment to the ‘Green Agenda’ by passing policy to introduce container deposit legislation through reverse vending machines.

The legislation would encourage people to recycle used cans and bottles in return for monetary refund.

A simple model based on successful examples from Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark and across Europe where people deposit their used cans and bottles via these machines and in doing people are redeemed a percentage of the total cost for the item.

Commenting, Mover of the motion and President of Liberal Youth Scotland, David Green said:

“This is not only a proven system but it makes economic sense. The arguments are clear; in times of austerity a financial incentive empowers people to recycle and indeed up to 90% of recyclable units are recycled throughout the countries this system is in place.

“Furthermore, the benefits to the environment are compelling. Using Scandinavia as an example it is apparent that roads, streets and waterways are predominantly litter clear reducing the dangers to the landscape and both young children and animals.

“Overall, Reverse Vending Machines would make great strides in preserving our environment and reducing government spending on landfills.”
Scottish Liberal Democrat climate change spokesperson Jim Hume MSP said:

“Liberal Democrats in coalition government delivered the Green Investment Bank in Edinburgh and are determined to make the UK government the greenest yet. As a party we are proud to stand by our green achievements in government, in Holyrood and in local communities.

“In Scotland, the SNP government has missed its first climate change target by 1.1 megatons. This failure was made all the more shameful when Ministers attempted to pass the blame onto the Scottish cold weather.

“People deserve a government which takes climate change seriously. That is why Scottish Liberal Democrats will push the Scottish Government to take forward reverse vending machines.

“The Liberal Democrats are committed to achieving 0% waste in Scotland and this policy on Reverse Vending Machines is part of our package to deliver on that commitment.”