Referendum deal credit to Michael Moore

Speaking in advance of the referendum deal being signed, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP said:

“The deal today was only possible through Secretary of State Michael Moore’s calm, patient and professional approach to this fraught and extended set of negotiations.

“The heated voices on both sides of the debate demanded that the referendum be run by them. On the one hand some nationalists rejected any assistance from Westminster even though that could have dragged the referendum into the courts and years of legal wrangling. On the other the voices from the Lords demanded that Westminster should run the referendum as the nationalists could not be trusted.

“Michael Moore sought to come to a reasonable agreement with a referendum which was made in Scotland by the Scottish Government but which was endorsed by Westminster to make it legal, fair and decisive. That’s what we have today.

“Now that Michael Moore has secured those terms for the referendum, Scottish Liberal Democrats look forward to leading an open and honest debate about Scotland’s future. We will certainly be making our case for a stronger Scotland within a United Kingdom.”