NUS welcomes commitment to free higher education

NUS Scotland has today welcomed the Scottish Liberal Democrats restatement of their commitment to keeping Scotland tuition fees free.

Writing in an online article for NUS’ website, Scottish Liberal Democrat education spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP sets out the party’s position on higher education, including a restatement of their pre-Scottish election commitment to ruling out the introduction of fees, which 87% of MSPs were elected on.

Commenting on the article, Liam McArthur MSP said:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats are proud of our record of action in higher education. We are the party which abolished tuition fees in Scotland, voted to scrap the graduate endowment and fought for college funding.

"In recent weeks there has been much speculation about the future of higher education funding. My article on the NUS Scotland website makes our position very clear to students – Scottish Liberal Democrats are firmly in support of free higher education.”

Robin Parker, NUS Scotland President, said:

“It’s great to see the Scottish Liberal Democrats reaffirming their commitment to keeping tuition fees off the table in Scotland. Ruling out fees at the Scottish election was the right choice then, and it remains the right choice now, ensuring we have a truly open higher education system, which is never based on your background or bank balance.

“All Liberal Democrat MSPs were part of the 87% of MSPs elected to this parliament on a commitment and a manifesto of ruling out fees. We know the real and lasting damage attaching a price tag to education can have, and all parties and politicians elected on that commitment should be sticking to it, as the Scottish Liberal Democrats are rightly doing.

“While we’ve managed to rule out fees and see improvements in student support, there’s still real issues in ensuring these translate into fairer access, as well as continued concern at the potential impact of proposed budget cuts to colleges. We look forward to continuing to work with the Scottish Liberal Democrats, and all parties, for the rest of this parliament in taking these forward, and ensuring the fairest possible access, in a tuition free Scotland.”

The full article can be read here