Scottish government must revisit sport plans in budget

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have called upon the Scottish Government to harness Olympic fever in its upcoming budget.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie is calling for the SNP government to revamp its sporting plans in light of the unanticipated swell of support for the London Olympic Games.

The Liberal Democrats have backed calls from Scotland’s sports bodies asking the Scottish Government to rethink its sports policy and secure a lasting Olympic legacy.

Commenting, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said:

“I think everyone underestimated the impact of the London Olympics. Politicians and commentators alike never imagined how much the Games would capture the nation. The great British sporting summer was given the perfect ending when Andy Murray won his first Grand Slam. It is only right that the Scottish Government revisit its plans for sport.

“Alex Salmond misjudged the potential impact of the Olympics before the Games but he has the opportunity to correct that now. He must make the changes to the programme and budget needed to make the very most out of Olympic fever in Scotland. It is not too late to ensure that Scotland benefits from the brightest Olympic legacy possible.

“This is a chance for the First Minister to seize an initiative, to change his plans and create a new emphasis for sport in Scotland. Scotland’s sporting bodies have already called upon the Scottish government to fund a sports revolution. I think people would want the Scottish Government to harness that drive and passion to make the most out of this great British sporting summer.

“There was no mention of the Olympic legacy or sport in the First Minister’s statement on the Government Programme last week, or in the Government’s spending review and budget. It wasn’t even mentioned in the Sport Scotland corporate plan.

“I want the First Minister to rise to the occasion and make the very most out of the Olympics. The Scottish Liberal Democrats will be pushing for more sporting opportunities for Scotland in this year’s budget.”