SFE’s support for Green Investment Bank welcome

The Scottish Financial Enterprise Awards were held last night at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in front of an audience of 700 representing all the different sectors of Scotland’s Financial Services industry.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Mark Tennant, Chairman of industry body Scottish Financial Enterprise gave his unequivocal backing for the Green Investment Bank to be based in Edinburgh:

“Increasingly Scotland is becoming a world renowned centre for alternative energy. It is critical, not just to the success of Scotland, but the UK as a whole that we colocate the financial engine which will drive the sector with the sector itself – i.e. up here in Edinburgh. We have the skills, the people and the environment to drive this critical industry forward. We need every voice we can corral into helping us ensure that the Bank is located here.”

Also attending the event was Mike Crockart, MP for Edinburgh West, who has led the campaign to bring the UK institution to the city.

Commenting after the event, Mr Crockart said:

“An event like this shows the strength and depth of Scotland’s Financial Services sector. There are over one hundred thousand people directly employed in the industry in Scotland with more world class companies choosing to base themselves here every year. Combine this with the unrivalled engineering and renewable energy presence here and it’s clear that we have an exceptional case for the bank’s headquarters to be located in the capital.

“I’m confident that whatever criteria Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, sets out for making this decision, we will be able to demonstrate confidently that Edinburgh is the Green Investment Bank’s natural home.”