Import ban call to combat E.Coli cucumber threat

George Lyon, Liberal Democrat MEP for Scotland and member of the European Agriculture Committee, has called on the UK Government to halt imports of cucumbers from Spain after an E.Coli outbreak that has killed more than a dozen people in Germany.

George Lyon MEPGeorge Lyon MEPRussia has already implemented a ban on some fresh vegetables after the pathogen was detected on imported produce from Spain.

The contaminated produce has already hospitalised hundreds in Germany, killing fourteen people. European officials are now concerned that an E.Coli related death in Sweden could have been caused by the tainted produce and Mr Lyon wants to ensure all that can be done is being done to protect British consumers.

Commenting Mr Lyon said:

“With reports that deaths have been caused by produce contaminated with E.Coli outside of Germany there is a real possibility that some of this contaminated produce could be reaching British shores.

“The UK Government should call an immediate halt to all produce coming from Spain until test results can identify the exact source of the outbreak.

“As a precaution, we must take this action to limit any potential risk to British consumers.

“When we have a more detailed picture of events we can revaluate the situation, but taking this precaution now will help to reassure anxious consumers.”