Scott calls for BT to “sort out” islands’ broadband connections

BT must ensure a high powered team sorts out the Islands’ broadband connections, says Shetland MSP, Tavish Scott. He continues to receive complaints from Shetlanders with no internet connection at all, or very slow connection speeds. Tavish Scott is today (Tue) writing to the Chief Executive of BT urging real, concrete action to iron out the problems.

Tavish Scott said;

“The Island’s services have been hopeless over the last while. Last night I was still getting messages saying households had no connection, or that the internet was barely useable. I just wonder what in earth is going on.

“We all depend on the internet at home, at school or for work. So if BT isn’t working Shetland suffers. I want the boss of the company to recognise that BT isn’t providing a service that people expect and, more to the point, pay for. I want him to send in a team to get it sorted. BT say they are investing billions in broadband infrastructure across the UK. But they haven’t solved the problem on the network that serves Shetland. BT hasn’t supported Shetland’s investment in direct fibre optic cable connections down to the UK mainland saying that their own system works. That has not been the case over these past days. Shetland expects solutions and BT need to step up to the mark and deliver.”