Ministers are dragging their feet over Fallago rig inquiry

Jim Hume MSP, Liberal Democrat MSP for the South of Scotland, has today voiced his grave disappointment that a decision has yet to be made on the Fallago Rig Wind Farm Inquiry which began sixteen months ago.

Jim Hume said:

“I have in recent months written to the Minister and have lodged Parliamentary Questions in a bid to obtain some kind of clarification as to the timescale of this inquiry, but so far the Minister has only responded to say that, ‘the report from the Public Local Inquiry on the Fallago Rig wind farm will be published on the day the ministerial decision is announced.”

“This is hugely disappointing because local people are losing faith in the system, a system which initially concluded that the wind farm project should be rejected and now people are concerned that their views will simply be ignored.

“Many months have elapsed since the Inquiry began and it’s critical that an urgent decision should be forthcoming to avoid further loss of public confidence.”

Local Councillor, Frances Renton, added:

“I am bitterly disappointed at the time it has taken the Scottish Government to made a decision on the Fallago Rig Inquiry. As one of the SBC councillors for this area I can say with some authority that the local community has lost faith in not only the system but also in this government. In latest correspondence that community council have had with Scottish Government the indication are that a decision will be made shortly and at which point all parties have three weeks to respond that is not enough time for community council to make a proper response. Now is maybe the time to request that the Public Inquiry be reopened.”