Motion Deadlines

Our Autumn Conference, which will be held in the Carnegie Conference Centre on the 8th of September is fast approaching. Please see below the deadlines for submitting your motions. 

Feedback Deadline - 2nd July 2018 - 5pm

Deadline to submit motions if you would like to receive feedback from a member of the Conference Committee. This is for members who have never submitted a motion before, or are unsure on the competency of their motion. The earlier these are submitted, the more chance you have for detailed feedback. 

Motion Deadline - 13th July 2018 - 12 noon

This is the hard deadline for all motions to be received if they are to be considered for the Autumn Conference

Emergency Motion/Topical Discussion Deadline - 7th September 2018 - 5pm

Emergency Motions and Topical Discussions can be submitted right up until the night before Conference. This is to allow for motions to be heard on issues or policy that has developed in the time since the original motion deadline. 

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