Let's get serious about mental health

In the 157 days that have passed since the Scottish Parliament election on 5th May a lot has changed. But one area where we have seen little progress is in boosting mental health services in Scotland.

Since May we have discovered that some children have been forced to wait more than two years for specialist mental health support. Others are still being forced to travel hundreds of miles for care because of a lack of specialist beds in the north of Scotland. Tens of millions of pounds of mental health funding that has already been announced is sat in government bank accounts because Scotland’s mental health strategy has lapsed.

One area where there has been real progress in recent years is in reducing the stigma around mental ill health. But there is more to be done. Research from See Me, a charity which works to tackle stigma around mental ill health, showed that around two thirds of people would still be hesitant telling an employer about a mental health issue.

Today is World Mental Health Day. On this of all days we should be thinking about how we can ensure that people suffering from mental ill health get the support they need.

Lib Dems want to see a step change in the way we treat mental ill health in Scotland. Our plan would see a massive increase in funding for services and start ensuring people are treated with the dignity they deserve.

Our three point plan for mental health:

  1. We want to double the funding for Children and Adolescent Mental Health services. With that we want to get beds north of Dundee and build two new dedicated centres in Aberdeen and Inverness.
  2. We want a boost to perinatal mental health care
  3. We want to an expansion in mental health provision within primary care where GP’s will co-locate with 960 mental health professionals.

Mental health services have been neglected for too long. The time for action is now. If you agree, sign our petition today:

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