Craig Duncan

Candidate for Dundee City West and the North East regional list


Craig is deeply rooted in the Dundee, having been born in Dundee and schooled at Primary level in Dundee and Monifieth , followed by Secondary School in Carnoustie, before Graduating with an Honours Degree in Government and Modern History from Heriot - Watt University in Edinburgh.

He is very active in local politics and is a hugely energetic Convener of the Dundee Liberal Democrats , campaigning regularly in and around Dundee and neighbouring areas, and frequently lending a hand to advance the cause of Liberalism elsewhere, in the face of an increasingly centralist Scottish Government, Craig feels passionately that power ought best to be with local communities wherever possible and not accrued into an increasingly remote and authoritarian Edinburgh, there is little point in devolving powers from Westminster just to see ordinary Scots steamrollered over.

Craig is proudly not a “career politician” but has worked in a variety of roles from professional Company Secretarial work, general admin and anything at all if needs be in Edinburgh, London and Dundee.

He has a wide ranging life experience, including downs as well as ups and has gained valuable insights into the hopes and fears of all manner of people which helps Craig to easily understand and interact with all kinds of real people from all walks of life, not just a narrow few. Some politicians may say they know what challenges real people face, whereas Craig actually has first hand experience of the real world.

Craig is keen to work with others but will always put the North East first believing that serving constituents is an honour not a chore or a grubby money making opportunity and therefore will never approach a full time role on a part time basis.

Craig will be proud to work on behalf of constituents but never too proud to forget all about them.

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