Cospatric d'Inverno

Candidate for Edinburgh Eastern

Cospatric d'InvernoI joined the Liberal Democrats after watching the 2015 General Election results come in from afar, sitting in a café in Beirut and realising, as many others did, that it was time to stand up and be counted.

I’m a Liberal because I believe in the immense power of individual liberty and the absolute necessity of an unflinching social liberalism at the core of our society. I’m a Liberal Democrat because I don’t accept that any ideology, whether of the left or the right, has a monopoly on wisdom. This party understands that, it doesn’t play at petty politics but rather it listens, it learns and, vitally, it believes in the language of co-operation and rejects the language of confrontation.

I was born, grew up and attended school in Edinburgh before studying at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, graduating with a degree in Real Estate & Urban Planning. I work in the public policy sector and have a professional background in the Scottish real estate industry. I returned to Edinburgh in late 2015 after a year travelling solo overland through the Middle East, North East Africa and much of Eastern Europe.

I have travelled extensively in around 40 countries across the world and view this as vital in developing any understanding of what drives aspirations and needs in society. Accordingly, my interests range from housing provision, council tax reform and mental health to international affairs focused on the Middle East and in particular Israel-Palestine and Lebanon, where I have spent significant periods of time.

I am enormously proud to be standing in my home city as the Scottish Parliament Candidate for Edinburgh Eastern and I hope you’ll join us in our campaign to elect Liberals for the Lothians.

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