Clive Sneddon

Candidate for Angus South

Clive Sneddon has been active in Liberal politics since moving to Scotland in the 1970s. He grew up in London, studied and worked in Oxford, and then came to St Andrews as a University teacher of French. He is married with two grown-up children. His daughter lives in Berlin and works in the German Foreign Office. His son lives in Glasgow and works for a Norwegian computer consultancy.

Clive was active in local government, being Leader of North East Fife District Council 1988-96, and latterly a local government representative in Europe. He has stood for the European Parliament, and also for Dundee East and then Angus South. He is currently Convener of Angus & Mearns Liberal Democrats.

Clive Sneddon is working in Angus to help people. He says: ‘I remember my father getting angry with the Tory government when I was a boy. They cut income tax one day and then put up National Insurance the next. He thought politicians should be on the side of ordinary people. That’s what I’ve always thought too.’

The reason Clive became a Liberal Democrat was that only the Liberal Democrats were trying to make things better for individuals. As a councillor in Fife, he saw he could help people by being imaginative and making use of the powers a local council has. Clive wants to be an MSP in Holyrood to give more power to local people, so that they can get things done that they need in their own area.

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